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Home, sweet home! But sometimes ghosts and negative energies are also finding your home or place of business a "sweet" place to stay. Perhaps you feel you are not alone. Objects mysteriously change location; there are electrical, mechanical or wiring malfunctions; you or your children experience more upper respiratory colds and unexplained physical ailments than usual, your pet reacts to unseen things, or your house just isn't selling. You might be living with "ghosts" or Spirits who can remain earthbound by not crossing into the light, some choosing to stay because of emotional attachments or unfinished business.

Jade has been using her psychic gifts to sense and communicate with ghosts in homes and businesses for nearly twenty years and will clear them, restoring peace to both your home or office and the wayward Spirit.

Negative or cursed energy can attach to individuals as well as to organizations such as sports teams and sales teams. Having unexplained trouble in your emotional or spiritual life? Sports team on a mysterious losing streak? Jade can help you cleanse negative energy and increase balance, leaving positivity in its place. You and/or your team will feel better and stronger, with enhanced energy and, maybe, more wins!

Objects, whether inherited or brought home from antique or flea markets, may have a "ghost" tag along with them too. Some Spirits stay very attached to their favourite piece of jewellery or antique chest. Jade clears Spirits attached to things as well as to places and people.

Some of Jaye's recent energy clearings include one for a property listed by one of the country's top Real Estate agents. This property had been listed for over five million dollars by several brokerage firms for over two years without selling. After Jaye's energy clearing, the property sold the next morning! Other successful clearings around the GTA include other million-dollar-plus properties, a 10,000 sq. ft. office building cleared to promote business and help with stagnant sales, a designer's show-room, and even a lawyer's office cleared prior to an audit with happy results. Jaye's Energy Clearings have many positive applications to help YOUR business and personal space!! For more information about Jaye's Clearings, please see this brochure.

Clearing and Cleansing sessions are confidential and must be conducted in person. Jade clears unwanted Spirits or negative energy from homes, offices, and places of business by visiting the affected site. She performs Clearings and Cleansings for individuals, pets and objects through personal visits. For organizations she will need to work with one member of the organization plus relevant documents.

Boo! Is There a Paranormal Chill in Here? Click here to open a PDF of this cover article in Real Estate Magazine (also published in REM Online), Toronto, ON, where the author interviews Jaye, discussing several of her successes in clearing stigmatized properties for easier, quicker sale.   Stan Albert, realtor, Toronto, ON

"We recently had Jaye McKenzie in to perform a clearing/energy cleansing for our home. We felt there were some energies, even a couple of ghosts hanging around and would feel better with them being shown the door! Jaye explained that spirits can attach themselves to objects as well as people and even our young children were sometimes afraid to sleep in their rooms. Once the clearing was done the atmosphere felt lighter, our son said his room now 'feels loose' and our daughter doesn't have nightmares anymore! The vanity in our room has stopped calling our attention - one of the ghosts was attached to this antique. Thanks Jaye, your positive energy clearing made a real difference in our home!"   Hill Family, clients, Uxbridge, ON

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." - Henry David Thoreau (Walden)

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