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"You have very strong healing energy."
  Allison DuBois, real-life inspiration behind the television series MEDIUM

"You have a great gift, a great presence."
  B. J. Levin, producer, Stick Figure Productions, New York, NY

"Just thirty minutes talking with Jade was more effective and healing than a full stress-reduction seminar."
  Dr. John Blondal, medical oncologist, St. Joseph's Health Centre, Toronto, ON

"Hey Jaye, guess what!?
We got the call that our daughter is approved to stay in daycare another year, they will help pay until 2016! I am so happy, a huge weight has been lifted. I cannot thank you enough for everything... for all your help and guidance, I'm telling you we couldn't imagine our lives without you. You have become family and we love you lady! You have saved us and given us insight and understanding and reasons to go on, with what we thought a long time ago was the horrible hand we were dealt. You have given me new love for everything and made me a better person with the ability to realize who and what I can be. So thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts and especially mine! When I see you Friday I will probably know that, right!?"
 Tracy B, client, Toronto, ON

"Thank you again for coming to our office... The agents are still talking about the incredible session you gave... we were all impressed and inspired!"

"Jaye, I can't even express how much I enjoyed the meeting. Your word is gold...!"

"She's the real deal!"

"Most enjoyable meeting we've had!"
"Lots of fun... a real treat!"  
  Bosley Real Estate presentation: December, 2012

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for today and how wonderful it was to meet you. It was a truly remarkable experience! You as a person are absolutely incredible and have such a special talent for helping people. I look forward to our next date together."
  Angie, client, Woodbridge, ON

"I'm thrilled to tell you that my client's place sold firm last night. It took only one day on the market with 2 competing offers and it sold for over ask. How amazing that the winning bid came from the very same buyers you said it would (after we bumped into them in the hallway before their visit and after the clearing!) Thank you for helping with some of our key concerns with the property that we felt would be significant objections for potential buyers. Initially, my client did not notice anything different about her property after the clearing until she woke up the next morning. When explaining this to me last night, she was literally in tears. She asked me, 'what did Jaye do to my bed? I haven't slept that well in over 3 years!' She said she was so relaxed and had such wonderful, restful and deep sleep. My client was so appreciative. Amazing results! Thank you Jaye for all your help."
  Arlene Monzar, B.Sc.(Hons), Sales Representative, Royal LePage R.E.S., Toronto, ON

"At the time when I met Jaye McKenzie, I felt adrift in my life; I was unable to connect with myself, had little energy, and virtually no balance. I was seeking something or someone to guide me... to help me find my footing and feel grounded once again. I achieved this, as well as a sense of calm, after my very first connection with Jaye! A few days afterward, I was able to effectively lead a staff training session geared towards focus and teamwork - I quite simply could not have led this session without Jaye. Her coaching and healing sessions allowed me to look at myself in a different way and most importantly, to get back the person I had lost. Thank you Jaye, you are a super lady! I look forward to future endeavours with Jaye McKenzie and highly recommend her to anyone who is searching for him or herself."
  Deborah Mallory, Director, Business Management, Mosaic, Toronto, ON

"We recently had Jaye McKenzie come in to present a seminar to our Agents, feeling her experience as a former Agent herself, now Inspirational Speaker, Positivity Coach, Intuitive and Energy Practitioner would benefit our sales staff in a unique way. We knew her talk would be interesting, but couldn't have predicted the immediate and enthusiastic 'Rave Reviews' she received! We've already booked her for another performance of HEALTHY MIND, HEALTHY BODY, HEALTHY SALES! Several of our agents also embarked on Jaye's coaching to increase productivity, as well as energy clearings to increase 'Sold Listings'... with terrific results. Bringing Jaye in has proven to be a wonderful influence and an inspiration to all who attend her programmes!!"
  Dianne Usher, Broker, Vice President & Division Manager, Johnston & Daniel Division, Royal LePage Real Estate Services, Toronto, ON

"As a business entrepreneur, it's critical that you take advantage of all resources available. As a result, I engaged Jaye McKenzie's services to shed light on my strategy and opportunities. I was amazed at the accurate detail she provided with absolutely no prior knowledge of my current business state. On the spot Jaye provided the exact contact name, industry sector and necessary course of action to secure a client we had been negotiating with for the past two months. Bottom line... within 48 hours we got the deal! But more importantly, I now have a resource in Jaye that gives our company a competitive edge."
  Gerald McGroarty, President, Brandon Taylor Consulting, Toronto, ON

"One reading and positivity coaching with Jaye McKenzie changed my life dramatically... I couldn't believe that a single extended session with this gifted Intuitive was all it took, but the proof is in the pudding: I finally got my heart's desire. My life had been stuck. As soon as Jaye arrived for our session, the magic began to happen and it was as though she somehow unplugged me and opened my channels. Wonderful things were happening so quickly, I could barely keep up! Jaye re-connected me with no less than my late husband, father, sister and brother - each with distinguishing characteristics and messages. She described them as holding hands in a circle of support; that support has kept me going through a tough transition. Jaye also "saw" the grey house I would purchase. Three short months later, that's where I am, living my dream. With Jaye's help, the pieces just clicked together to give me my new life. The reading was incredibly accurate and just so powerful! Jaye McKenzie is a phenomenal person and an astonishing Medium. Ever since meeting her, it's been miracles upon miracles!!"
  Mairead, Innisfil, ON

"We recently had Jaye McKenzie in to perform a clearing/energy cleansing for our home. We felt there were some energies, even a couple of ghosts hanging around and would feel better with them being shown the door! Jaye explained that spirits can attach themselves to objects as well as people and even our young children were sometimes afraid to sleep in their rooms. Once the clearing was done the atmosphere felt lighter, our son said his room now 'feels loose' and our daughter doesn't have nightmares anymore! The vanity in our room has stopped calling our attention - one of the ghosts was attached to this antique. Thanks Jaye, your positive energy clearing made a real difference in our home!"
  Hill Family, Uxbridge, ON

"This was a fun and informative workshop! Best demonstration of divining etc. I have ever seen and I have been to a lot of workshops."
"Jaye and Tim are wonderful, knowledgeable presenters. I totally enjoyed this workshop and learned a lot."
"High energy - very informative and lots of fun - good team. Thanks to both of you!"
"More training from her on different things."
"An extra hour! Wonderful workshop!"
"Excellent workshop!"
  Various Attendee Comments re Spiritual Dowsing & Divining Workshop, Lily Dale, NY

"Jade is a true Medium with amazing accuracy and intuitive abilities. She is a warm, beautiful human being who has helped me enormously and I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking guidance, hope and happiness."
  Jacqui Tucker, client, Toronto, ON

"I keep hearing great things about Jaye from her customers. 'Thank you so much for introducing us,' said one. 'Jaye told me things she had no way of knowing,' said another. Jaye must really have something to offer, and her warm and approachable manner helps too."
  Jonathan, website designer and skeptic, Uxbridge, ON

"Jade has a huge amount of positive energy. The predictions and advice she gave me were bang on. Jade is uplifting, genuine... she is the real deal!"
  Olga Missios, client, Toronto, ON

"Creative and full of potential - not a typical 'anti-bullying' message."
  Lorraine Shafransky, Vice Principal, re Your Inner Hero seminar at Forest Hill Junior & Senior Public School, Toronto, ON

"Tone, voice and communication of idea/workshop was excellent."
  Teacher Comment re Your Inner Hero seminar at Forest Hill Junior & Senior Public School, Toronto, ON

"Very helpful."
"You are such a good presenter... always smiling and fun."
"You are cool."
"Awesome presentation!!!"
  Various Student Comments re Your Inner Hero seminar at Forest Hill Junior & Senior Public School, Toronto, ON

"Jade is insightful, intelligent, beautiful, charming, warm and compassionate. Reading was cogent, spot on, a 10 out of 10. You are truly remarkable!"
  Dennis Globosky, colleague, Pennsylvania

"Jaye is an absolutely wonderful person who has an amazing gift as a medium and a very gentle and kind manner in which she communicates with her clients. I participated in a past life regression circle with Jaye leading, which provided a glimpse of passions shared in previous lives which remain true in my current life. Jaye also had an image of us purchasing a log home and sure enough a month later, it was ours!! Jaye is a very positive person who is most encouraging and helpful!"
  Cindy, client, Uxbridge, ON

"Hosting a party with Jade was great fun! We enjoyed our readings and found Jade to be warm, inspirational and just an awesome gal! She also gave my husband and me some accurate information about our house's past history as a home for folks with developmental delays. We were impressed with her specific details; this was her first time here and we hadn't discussed the home's prior use! I would love to have her come back again in the near future!"
  Tracy Parkin, client, Owen Sound, ON

"I took an introductory course from Jaye McKenzie, call it Psychic 101, on the understanding, acceptance and enlightenment of my psychic gifts. I was initially scared by the process ahead of me as it involved three Stages each with three subsections. Before I began the course, I was afraid, lonely, and isolated because I knew I was 'seeing' things but didn't know what or who to approach on this rather sensitive subject. My journey took 9 weeks, through telephone calls and e-mails, and was absolutely the best thing I've done for myself in years. With family, friends and working, we often ignore ourselves. It was an enlightening process of who I am, what my gifts are, how to handle things that occur, and changed my whole perspective on viewing this wonderful world we live in. And above all, I learned to accept these wonderful gifts, and am living more peacefully and worry free. My family is so happy for me. And the fear has disappeared. Thank you so much, Jaye!"
  Lia, client, Sarnia, ON

"When I think about Jaye, I think positive thoughts, because that is what she brings out in me. Those of you that have met her will understand immediately what I am talking about. The energy she brings when she is around is up-beat and wonderfully contagious. You will hear her use the saying, "There is a rightness about this." many times when she speaks, which at first, I didn't quite understand, but looking back, I see exactly what she meant. Examples like: Jaye standing in my kitchen chatting with my family, kind of "stalling" before getting to my reading and then suddenly the phone rings and the woman who couldn't make it to the party the weekend before, called and could only come at that very moment to see Jaye (if she had started my reading, this woman would have missed out on hers). Or being excited as friends I haven't seen in years show up at my door step to see Jaye causing me to rekindle relationships that would have otherwise gone by the wayside; there was a certain "rightness" to bringing people together for this party. There is a "rightness" about everything that happens in your life, and to have a person like Jaye to help you see that, well the value of that is immeasurable."
  Lisa Hill, client, Uxbridge, ON

"I just finished a telephone reading. Jaye is engaging to talk with. Boy, she was bang on... throughout the call, Jaye knew when I was anxious, nervous... and even when I was writing things down... Jaye mentioned keywords while channelling like 'lickety-split' a word my grandmother used, 'gym-dandy' like my father-in-law used, 'it's not malarkey' - like my dad would use. She even knew the exact length of time since I'd been to the doctor and suggested a visit. My grandmother was also there wearing an elegant jacket and spoke the words 'right as rain'. It's a wonderful gift Jaye has and she is certainly meant to help people... I thank her for that. There is no mistaking that Jaye gave me an honest and compassionate reading! And one that I will never forget. I am a better person for it and highly recommend Jaye McKenzie! Who would have thought Jaye could get all of that over the telephone?!"
  Lee Bice-Matheson, telephone client, Sarnia, ON
  To read more of Lee's words about her experience with Jaye, please check out the full text of her testimonial letter.

"My meeting with Jaye managed to move a rock inside of me with such ease, it has left me with motivation to keep the rock moving. I was a little under the weather that day, and she told me about it, as well as reminding me to breathe. She doesn't share anything that is upsetting, and for that I am grateful. That said, she finds comforting ways to present those topics to help with. I've been quite lucky to not have lost many close to me, but my grandparents on the other side spoke to me with a specific message as well as wanting to say "hi". Part of the message involved bees... I was amazed as Jaye couldn't have known that my Aunt once owned a bee farm! Jaye's voice and willingness to laugh along with me as I heard her messages, phrases and questions over the phone helped me picture her. She, after a conversation just shy of an hour (even though it was supposed to be a quick 30 minute reading) is now a friend of mine. I think of her fondly and know I will talk to her again."
  Lisa Davies, client, Chicago, IL

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