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Jaye is an acclaimed Inspirational Speaker and presents seminars and workshops to both children and adults. Jaye's interactive, dynamic seminar YOUR INNER HERO promotes the concepts of living with courage, kindness and a positive attitude to children in the school setting. Lorraine Shafransky, a Vice-Principal at Forest Hill Junior & Senior Public School in Toronto, says it's "creative and full of potential - not a typical anti-bullying message." Jaye has also written articles on this topic, for example in Central Pennsylvania's "Holistic Health Networker" magazine. Jaye is giving this seminar to senior students at a K-8 school in Port Perry, ON, in June. Find your inner hero. Yes you can!

Jaye gives talks and workshops internationally. Topics range from kids with psychic abilities and their families through psychic development workshops to life empowerment and signs from the Spirit world. She presented her seminar on mind, body and spirit connections to wellness, stress reduction and maintaining a more balanced life at a teacher's conference and wellness weekend in Orangeville, ON in January, 2010. Jaye co-presented a seminar on Spiritual Dowsing/Divining at the world-renowned Lily Dale Assembly in Lily Dale, NY, where she also appeared as a special guest Medium in July, 2010. Jaye was recently featured on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT!

Jaye appeared again in Lily Dale July, 2011: Jaye will present her YOUR INNER HERO - MIND BODY SPIRIT WELLNESS workshop on Wednesday, July 20, 1:30-4:30 PM in the Assembly Hall. As a Medical Intuitive, Jaye focuses on a mind, body, spirit connection to wellness. This is a jam-packed session full of funny and heartwarming stories and tips for reducing stress and maintaining a more balanced, fulfilling life. Messages will also be given to some audience members. By special invitation as a guest medium, Jaye will also be giving private readings again this year, in The Maplewood Hotel, Lily Dale grounds on Thursday July 21, 2011. Sign-up sheet will be available at The Maplewood on July 19th & 20th and at Jaye's workshop. Limited appointments will be available on a first come, first-served basis for this special one day event! Please visit in February, 2011, for further details and to register for Jaye's workshop.

Jaye has presented her mega popular HEALTHY MIND, HEALTHY BODY, HEALTHY SALES Seminar to numerous Brokerages, Corporations including Johnston & Daniel Division of Royal LePage, Re/MAX and Bosley to name a few. As a former award-winning Real Estate salesperson herself, Jaye provides a unique twist on sales, combining intuition and total wellness to maximize productivity!  "Jaye's seminar received 'Rave Reviews' from our salespeople and agents... we'll be having her back soon!!" Dianne Usher, Broker, Vice President & Division Manager, Johnston & Daniel Division, Royal LePage Real Estate Services For more of Dianne's comments, see Testimonials.

Jaye's NEW key notes focus on meditation for stress relief & better focus, abundance, financial prosperity by aligning purpose with passion and team sales training workshops! Please see Events Page for further details, call to book today!

Contact Jaye to arrange a seminar or personal appearance at or call (416) 784-4120.

For more information about Jaye's Your Inner Hero seminars, please see this brochure.
The full text of Jaye's article in "Holistic Health Networker" magazine is here.

"You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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